Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When?            
A.  Feb 10/11 & Mar 3/4


Q.   What?        
A.   Share the gift of Shabbos in your home -  or team-up with neighbors. Invite Jewish co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances of any kind.


Q.     No big communal meals this time?
A.  The sell-out gatherings are certainly inspiring, but we should also be exposing people to Shabbos in the home, something that is much more ‘real’ and mimic-able.  For those who would like to balance the “at-home” experience with the vibrancy of our community, we’ll be arranging be several communal dessert-onegs on each of the Friday nights.


Q.    Anything special about these two particular weeks?
A.    1) Shabbos is well-timed at this point for guests to arrive before sunset. And for those who can be encouraged to stay over, it is not yet a very long day.

        2) Indiana University Aish is planning a return visit to our community Feb 10/11.

        And Mar 3/4 is the NJOP ( National Jewish Outreach Program) Shabbat Across America. If you feel it would be             helpful, you can certainly mention that when inviting guests – direct them to to give them a sense they are part of something national.

        And of course, EVERY Shabbos should be seen as opportunity to reach out as well.


Q. I heard there are ‘perks’ for hosts. What are they and how do we arrange for them?
A.  We are arranging an order of NCSY bentchers for host families and their guests. And we will be offering hosts some free items to enhance their meals and reduce some of the preparation. Just let us know you’re hoping to have guests and we’ll work with you to make it an enjoyable and successful Shabbos!

For more info or to sign-up for the ‘perks’ email